Our Innovations

Innovation is an integral part of who we are. Because many of our faculty work together in teams, we are able to integrate knowledge in biology, physics and material science to create new methods or devices.

Some of the innovations from CEM faculty include the GeckskinTM and BeastcamTM technologies, methods for assessing material properties of synthetic and biological tissues, and novel methods for making bioinspired synthetic materials that provide antibacterial resistance.  For example, the GeckskinTM technology was the first scalable gecko-inspired technology that could effectively hold large weights (several hundred pounds at large sizes).  The BeastcamTM technology represents the first successful application of photogrammetry methods towards the 3D scanning of live animals.  

Recent work with novel fibers may allow new ways to control wound healing, to remove bacteria from solutions, or to provide antibacterial resistance.  We are actively looking for new collaborators that will contribute to this mission.  As a corporation involved in the center, your organization would have the opportunity to work with faculty and staff around these, and other new possible innovations.  As an educator or scientist involved in the center, you would have the opportunity to learn new techniques and work closely with a wide range of interdisciplinary faculty.