Research & Faculty


One of the advantages of working with us is access to a wide range of specialized equipment.

We contribute to, and build upon, the strength of instrumentation facilities at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Information on custom Instrumentation facilities operated by CEM faculty, as well as Core Shared Instrumentation facilities related to CEM activities, can be found on the links below.

Custom methods and instrumentation

Thin Film Mechanical Testing (e-mail Al Crosby at

Cavitation Rheology for Gels and Tissues (e-mail Al Crosby at

3D photogrammetry imaging and analysis (e-mail: Duncan Irschick at

Laser Induced High Speed Mechanical Characterization (e-mail: Jae-Hwang Lee at

Core Shared Facilities

Electron Microscopy:

Confocal Microscopy:

Surface Probe Microscopy (AFM):


For a wider range of core research facilities, click on the link below: