Our center is committed to working closely with industrial partners around a wide range of applications, which can include access to tech transfer licenses and patents, invitations to meetings and symposia, supporting individual research projects, collaborating on research projects.

Potential industrial partners can work with our faculty in several ways through our participation in CUMIRP, a collaboration between UMASS Amherst and a range of corporations to allow access to the expertise and knowledge within the university.  Many of our faculty work regularly with corporations and have helped them solve a wide range of problems, as well as develop new solutions.

Part I membership

This membership enables interaction with a range of faculty and enables corporations to gain and share knowledge around a common set of problems, and also includes benefits such as the ability to obtain a non-exclusive, royalty free license to a university patent resulting from the research done in their specific research cluster, as well as invitations to cluster meetings and symposia.

Part II membership

This membership is designed so that companies can support individual research projects with a faculty member(s), such as through paying for a postdoctoral researcher or graduate student.

Part III membership

This membership is designed which allow for unrestricted and creative usage of funds by UMASS faculty.

Part IV membership

This membership allows corporations to perform scoping projects for short-term focused research projects.