Partner With Us

Our center is committed to working with other organizations to create mutually beneficial industrial partnerships, foster new educational opportunities, and explore new frontiers in bioinspired research.


Our center is committed to working closely with industrial partners around a wide range of applications, which can include access to tech transfer licenses and patents, invitations to meetings and symposia, supporting individual research projects, collaborating on research projects.


Committed to encouraging the development of future scientists by connecting with K-12 programs including interactive hands-on field trips and the Bioinspire! STEAM Unit fostering creativity, innovation and collaboration in elementary art and science.


CEM Faculty engage in interdisciplinary research that allows them to overcome conceptual and technical hurdles, and to create new innovations.  Our faculty use nature as a source of inspiration for engineering design challenges, while also seeking new fundamental insight into how biological systems evolve.


We work with a wide range of non-profits to further our educational and research mission. Current partners include museums, conservation groups, non-profit publishers, and media organizations.