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Crosby lead PI on $2.6M Office of Naval Research grant

A research team led by Alfred Crosby, Polymer Science and Engineering, is the recipient of a four-year, $2.6 million grant from the Office of Naval Research to focus on one of the least-studied factors in traumatic brain damage and other soft-tissue injuries, cavitation, the sudden expansion of bubbles in a material. Read more

Irschick and Digital Life featured in National Geographic article

Explore Toad's Digital Clone: Scientists use high-tech gear to create finely detailed, 3-D models that look like real animals. Read more

Albertson Receives 1.76M NIH Grant to Study Shaping of Skull and Facial Skeleton

Craig Albertson, biology and M2M, has received a five-year, $1.76 million National Institutes of Health grant to study the development of the craniofacial skeleton, work he says will address a significant knowledge gap. Read more

On October 10, 2017 CEM's Cluster V will meet with industry members at CUMIRP's Fall event

For more information, please visit the Center for UMass / Industry Research on Polymers (CUMIRP)

NSF Funds Schiffman's Research

NSF Funds Schiffman's "Potentially Transformative" Research to Confine Biofouling into Sacrificial Areas of Membranes Used for Water Purification. Read full story

Jessica Schiffman wins award

Jessica Schiffman was awarded the 2017 the Barbara H. and Joseph I. Goldstein Outstanding Junior Faculty Award in the College of Engineering

Sarah Perry named outstanding teacher

Sarah Perry named the 2017 College of Engineering Outstanding Teacher

Sarah Perry and Jessica Schiffman receive research grant

Sarah Perry and Jessica Schiffman received a faculty research grant on electrospinning of polyelectrolyte complex fibers

Patricia Brennan and Diane Kelly highlighted in Washington Post article

Patricia Brennan and Diane Kelly highlighted in Washington Post article